16.5 Mm Rhomboid Tablet Blister Packing Sheet -10 Holes



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16.5 mm Rhomboid Tablet Blister Packing Sheet -10 holes

The blisters are manufactured at our advanced production line using hard or soft temper aluminum foil with lacquer coating that helps in effective sealing. Highly recommended for standard blister packs, with from excellent suppliers and meet GMP standard. It can be designed to pack pills, capsules, and tablet.

  • Excellent properties such as of anti-oxygen, moisture-proof, leak-proof, carry-home, anti-pollution, etc. It is easy to break aluminum foil to take out the drugs by pushing the cover.
  • We can also do customize printing on aluminum foil.
  • We can customize any designs according to customer's requests.
  • We can also do make a tablet blister packing sheet.

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