Fully Automated Tablet Capsule Counting Line



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Fully Automated Tablet Capsule Counting Line

This fully automated tablet capsule counting line has a multi-functioning design that follows the technologica link required by traditional technique to ensure the continuity of the working process. It features:

  • The accuracy of counting
  • The approved rate of inserted substance
  • The approved rate of capping
  • The approved rate of aluminum foil sealing
  • The approved rate of labeling and code printing
  • They consist of a production line:
  • Bottle automatic arranging machine (SLP200)
  • Counting & Filling Machine (GS16)
  • Cotton inserting machine (C1200)
  • Desiccant filling machine (D1200)
  • High-speed capping machine (GX200)
  • Aluminum foil induction sealing machine (JF-2)
  • Labeling machine (LTB-A)

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