Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Snjp-800



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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine SNJP-800


The Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Snjp-800 has some of the most advanced filling technology available that conforms to GMP standards. This machine features: 

  • Separating revert interval, deeding, removing clippings, and cleaning mold that has high precision and low noise levels. 
  • Automotive control, step-less speed adjusted digit display. 
  • High frequently for filling Chinese and Western medicine. 
  • Equipped with safety protection units for people and machines. Can be automatically stopped. 

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Main Technical Specifications:

Model SNJP-400 SNJP800 SNJP1200 SNJP1800 SNJP-2000 NJP-3500
Capacity (PC/Min) 400 800 1200 1800 2000 3500
Capsule Size 00-5 00-5 00-5 00-5 00-5 00-5
Filling Precision >98% >98% >98% >98% >98% >98%
Designing Precision Better than CP regulation
380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
Power (Kw)





8 10.5
Noise db (A) Lower than 86 Lower than 86 Lower than 86 Lower than 86 Lower than 86 Lower than 86
Vacuum (MPa) (-0.04)~-0.085 (-0.04)~-0.085 (-0.04)~-0.085 (-0.04)~-0.085 (-0.04)~-0.085 (-0.04)~-0.085
Compressed Air (Mpa) 75㎥/h0.4 75㎥/h0.4 75㎥/h0.4 75㎥/h0.4 75㎥/h0.4 75㎥/h0.4
Suction 700㎥/H2*105pa
Overall Size (mm) 730*950*1700 700*900*1800 910*1000*1800 1100*1300*1800 1100*1300*1800 1170*1560*2000
Net Weight (Kg) 700 700 950 1000 1000 2200


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