16 Channel Automatic Capsule/Table Filling Machine

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Working principle:

When working, pour the granules into the top hopper. By properly adjusting the primary, intermediate, and final vibration feeders, the piled granules in the hopper will gradually follow the vibrating trough plate into a continuous strip straight down to the material outlet. Then the drop-by-drop detection channel is used. The principle of photoelectric effect is used to input the working signal generated by the infrared dynamic scanning sensor when the medicine particles fall to the FPGA high-speed microprocessor. The counting function is realized through the cooperation of circuits and programs.


Technical Specifications:



Steady speed


Bottle quantity



Thickness:3~10mm  diameter:3~13mm  Length: 3~21mm

Bottle size

D:20~100mm  H:40~240mm


AC220V 50/60HZ




Air pressure


Air consumption

200L/min clean air


About1980mm(L)×1580mm(W)×1740mm (H)


About 900kg


Performance characteristics:

  1. The world's only 4D electric eye segment design, no dead corners, and 100% accuracy.
  2. Each counting track is distributed with more than 60 electric eyes within a 360-degree angle, and there is no dead angle of counting at all, and even the tablets can be clearly distinguished.
  3. The electric eye will automatically compensate the detection intensity according to the thickness of the dust. When the counting is neutral, the accuracy of the electric eye is automatically corrected to optimize the counting. When the dust is too thick to count the particles, it will stop and warn.
  4. This machine detects the status of each group of electric eyes at any time. If the electric eyes fail, it will stop and warn without error.
  5. Using the latest digital signal transmission technology, it is not affected by external electromagnetic waves. Other manufacturers using traditional analog signals will be interfered by external electromagnetic waves and cause misidentification, so there will be fewer particles when counting.
  6. Debris can be detected and excluded to the exclusion zone for inspection and displayed on the screen.
  7. This machine has a unique intelligent automatic production parameter setting system. If the operator pours the objects into the bucket, the intelligent parameter setting system will automatically obtain the optimal production parameter value without manual setting.
  8. Any situation is excluded to the number of excluded areas, the total production will be deducted, the production capacity can be accurately calculated.
  9. The whole machine casing is covered with stainless steel 304, and all parts in contact with the tablets are made of stainless steel 316 or made of materials that meet the requirements of the US FDA and cG.M.P and PIC / S.
  10. It has the function of preventing the number of grains from being pinched. When counting the grains, when the tablets cannot be separated through the gate continuously, it will cause multiple grains, which can be set to exclude or pass.
  11. In order to increase the life of the electric eye, more than 60 electric eyes work alternately when counting the number of pills, and the life of each electric eye is more than 50 times longer than that of other manufacturers.
  12. There are 8 calculation tracks, combined with optical, mechanical, logical operation and computer self-detection adjustment systems, etc., a variety of high-tech techniques can be used in combination to count the grains quickly and accurately. If the electric eye is damaged, the customer can replace it separately to save maintenance costs.
  13. There are 16 calculation tracks. For counting products with a small number of grains per bottle, a dual-outlet design can be selected to increase the output speed.
  14. This machine has a pre-counting system, which can increase the counting speed.
  15. Bottle mouth lifting guard, when the mouth of the bottle approaches, it will automatically lower to cover the mouth of the bottle, and it will rise when the number of capsules is completed.
  16. Fill the outlet vibration device to avoid blockage of the outlet.
  17. 3 sets of vibration transfer system can quickly, smoothly and quietly transfer the products from the bucket to the counting box for counting the number of electric eyes. It is easy to clean without changing the mold.
  18. Ability to count tablets, capsules, and soft capsules of various shapes; no need to change molds when calculating different products.
  19. Central powder debris collection devices are attached to both sides of the machine to effectively reduce the dust generated during the counting process.
  20. This machine integrates complex circuit systems into a digital integrated circuit PC board design. In addition to saving space, maintenance inspection and fault replacement are easier.
  21. Program updates can be made via the network or USB, making maintenance faster and easier.
  22. Meet the requirements of CFR21 Part 11 for electronic signatures and production records.
  23. The parameter settings and production history can be stored and backed up on a memory card or USB.