Apm Hepa Filter Exhaust Fan Ffu



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Apm Hepa Filter Exhaust Fan Ffu

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Apm Hepa Filter Exhaust Fan Ffu

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Apm Hepa Filter Exhaust Fan Ffu

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Apm Hepa Filter Exhaust Fan Ffu

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APM HEPA Filter Exhaust Fan FFU

Product Description
FFU can be used with modular linkage, and is widely used in the clean room with turbulent layer or laminar flow. It can be continuously run. And the air flow can reach to 0.45mm/s±20%. Long-life service, low noise, maintenance-free, small vibration, and adjustable speed. It can control thousands of units together. Before packing, it must pass the test according to the ISO14644-1 standard. The product is widely used in industries of semi-conductor, electronics, flat-panel screen, disc drive, optics and bio-engineering,etc. Customized design is available.

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