Auger Bottle Powder Packing Machine

Auger Bottle Powder Packing Machine

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The machine uses the spiral cutting, to achieve high-precision automatic quantitative and filling.

Applicable to, additives, milk powder, fertilizer, flour, detergent, solid drinks, sugar, compound spices, Natural spices, seeds, enzymes, feed and other powder, granular materials, quantitative packaging, quantitative canned.

Technical Parameters

  • Model HZF-B
  • Max Capacity 10-30 bottle/min
  • Dia. Of Bottle ?20-150mm
  • Height of Bottle 60-300mm
  • Power 0.8KW
  • Voltage AC220V,50/60HZ
  • Dimensions 900x900x2000mm
  • Weight 280kg


  1. The powder packaging machine automatically quantifies, automatically fills, automatically adjusts the measurement error and other functions.
  2. Fast - using spiral feeding, light control technology.
  3. High precision - using a stepper motor and electronic weighing technology.
  4. Wide packaging range - can be adjusted and replaced by the electronic scale keyboard to feed spirals of different specifications, continuous and adjustable.
  5. A wide range of applications - a certain amount of fluid powder, granular materials can be. suitable for bag, cans, bottles and other packaging containers powder packaging.
  6. It can automatically carry out tracking correction - due to material weight and material level changes caused by errors.