Automatic  Self-Adhesive Round Bottle Side Labeling Machine

Automatic Self-Adhesive Round Bottle Side Labeling Machine

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Working Principle;

 The bottles that need to be labeled are transported by the bottle-feeding track, and the bottles are opened  through the bottle distance adjustment. The photo-electric sensor senses the passing bottles and sends out a signal.

  1. The transmission system is activated by the signal and starts to sense the tensioning system.
  2. The tensioning system realizes the  tension of the paper tape is coded by the coding machine, and the label positioning photo-electric sensor is positioned according to the length of the label, so that the length of a piece of label paper drawn out of the label is equal.
  3. Under the action of the labeling component and the pressing component, the label paper is automatically peeled off and affixed to the required position of the bottle smoothly to complete the entire labeling

 Main Features;

  1. Strong compatibility, suitable for various round bottles.
  2. Tightening design is adopted for marking, which not only can ensure the quality of coding, but also can accurately control the length of marking paper and the uniformity.
  3. Adopt pre-labeling system, stable labeling, good labeling flatness, and high position.
  4. Rolling label paper adopts different methods for different bottle types to ensure the quality of the labels.