Dc-tq Multifunctional Extraction Tank



DC-TQ multifunctional extraction tank


It isused in the field of herbal mechine, natural material, food herbal medicine etc, including distill, water decoct, hot cycle, infiltrate cycle. the type of distill is dynamic, and efficiency is high.

Technical data
Cubage: 3, 5,10, 20,30, 50, 100 liters
Electricity power: 2kw&4.5kw
Max temperature: 100?
Whisk power: 90--200w
Whisk speed: 0--300rpm (transducer control)
Stainless steel polishing: 300 m
Cooling water required: < 10l/min
Size: 500x500x1880(mm) (example for 10 liters)