Dpp-250f Blister Packaging Machine



DPP-250F Blister Packaging machine


DPP-250F Blister packaging machine collects optic, machine, electricity and air as incop-porator, and was controlled by programmable PLC. It is widely used in industry of pharmaceutical, foodstuff, electron, medicine equipment and metals products. It is suitable for AL/PVC, PAPER/PVC, AND AL/AL packing. The main working procedure such as forming, feeding, hot-envelop, impressing, cutting can be completed automatically. The machine can also be matched with servo traction device, photoelectric VS print device, fiber detector or video detector according to the demand of customers.

Technical parameters:

Cutting frequency: 20-240 plates/min

Productivity: 18000?236000 pieces/h

Max. forming area: 160mm*240mm

Max. forming depth: 26mm

Adjusting range of travel: 40mm-160mm

Size of standard plate: 80*57mm

Width and thickness of PVC and PTP: PVC:250*0.15?0.45mm


Power supply: 380V 50HZ, Main motor 1.5kw, Hot-sealing 4.5kw

Capacity of air compressor:?0.2m3/min

Cooling of mold: Tap water or cycling water, 60L/H

Overall size: 2890*700*1600mm

Size of encasement: 3200*1000*1800mm

Weight: 1680kg