Dxdk900b Four Edges Bag Sealing Packing Machine



DXDK900B Four edges bag sealing packing machine


This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical industry, food and cosmetics industry. Powder, tablets, viscous material can be packed in bag by this machine.


1.Small size, compact structure and running stabel;

2.Four sides sealing, can pack more bags at the same time, high efficiency;

3.PLC automatic control, frequency control, reliable function, easy operation;

4.Photoelectric tracking and detection of the printed mark, Ensure the integrity of bag-sided pattern, Position accuracy;

5.Filling, sealing, batch No. printing, perforation and cutting can be operated by touch screen.

6.No need change parts parts when the length of bag changed.

Technical parameters:

Bag width 50-150min

Bag length 60-180mm

Filling weight 0.5-20g(5-40ml)

Max efficiency 400bags/min

Number of vertical cuttings 8

Packing materials Alu-PVC composite film / Paper-Plastics composite film / Plastics-Plastics composite film

Max width 900mm

Outside diameter ?300mm

Inside diameter ? 70mm-?76mm

Water consumption 3.2 liter/min

Total power 6kw

Power supply 380V 50Hz

Weight 1200kg

Dimension(L*W*H) 1500*1540*2200mm