(fg-kfs2-b) Kfs Series Powder Filling Machine




Brief introduction?
Fg-kfs2-b type powder filling machine is a kind of screw type sterile powder filling machine our company has newly developed. It adopts two track, cylinder positioning,2 head screw filling and 2 roller stoppering. The servo motor controls the filling auger precisely. Corporation standardization number no:q/tgb04-2006.

Production capacity:
7Ml vial filling dosage 1g 160~200 bts/min

Working principle:
This machine consists of turn table, conveyor, twin track, cylinder positioning device, filling head, 2 rollers stoppering device and bottle outlet track. The filling auger is controlled by the servo motor precisely.

It use turntable and chain plate conveyor to transfer the bottles, cylinder to position the bottle,2 track filling and 2 roller stoppering device.

2 long chain plate conveyor, cylinder positioning, 2-head screw filling, 2-roller stoppering, so the machine length is shortened.

Different types of filling auger meet requirements of powders with different fluidity

Touch panel control can set the filling dosage without stopping the machine

Speed control by inverter

Falling bottle auto reject; no bottle, no filling; no stoppers, auto stops; insufficient stoppers alarm

Auto counting function

CE certified, standard electric installation, safety guarantee on operation

Auto stop filling when filling auger touches filling nozzle and alarms

Easy to change the change part. easy to operate and disassemble .Easy to clean the key part.

Optional acrylic glass hood, laminar flow, sealed air outlet device

The whole machine is designed according to GMP requirements

Technical parameters:

Suitable bottle range: 7-30ml tubular vial or molded vial

Power supply?380V 50Hz

Power consumption: 1kw

Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa qty:25-35L/min

Filling error:?2%

Auto stoppering ratio:99.9%

Speed control by inverter

Single machine noise:?70dB

Weight: 800kg

Dimension: 2270x1050x1500(mm)