High Quality Nitrogen Gas Generator



Product Description

Process flow:

1.Air compressor

2.Air storage tank

3.Oil filter

4.Refrigerating unit

5.Fine dust filter

6.Micro oil & mist filter

7.Air buffering tank

8.Nitrogen gas generator

9.Nitrogen gas balancing tank

10.Energy saving device

11.Nitrogen gas storage tank

12.Production line


a. With compact & the skid-mounted structure, it's convenient to install, and the coverage area is less.
b.The PSA process takes the atmosphere as the raw material, only the air compressor needs to be electric driven, the operation cost is low, the energy consumption is low, and the efficiency is high.
c.The machine integrates the mechanical and the electric functions in one, and the automation is realized.

Accurate nitrogen gas tester:

The nitrogen gas' purity tester is from Shanghai, and the imported oxygen sensor is on-line used to control. When the oxygen content is lower than the setting, the unqualified nitrogen gas will be exhausted automatically, and alarm. When the nitrogen gas' content is more than the setting, nitrogen gas will be delivered to the process.

Perfect automatic control system:
The SIEMENS program controller is used to control the whole system. When the nitrogen gas storage tank (1m3/8kg) gets to the desired pressure, the unit will be stopped automatically. When the pressure in the storage tank is lowered to the setting, the unit will be started automatically.
And if the nitrogen gas' purity is lower than 99.99%, unqualified nitrogen gas will be emptied automatically, and alarm.
d.The patented "Pneumatic slide gate valve" (No.: ZL201520435297.4) simplifies the process, lowers the fault possibility, it's convenient to maintain, and the reliability is increased greatly.
e.High-quality molecular sieve:
The BF high-efficient molecular sieve from Germany is used, the adsorbing ability is strong, the anti-pressing property is high, and the service life gets to 8~10years, which meets the international standard.
f.Advanced filling technology:
The sleeve-type adsorbing tank is used, there is no dead corner for the molecular sieve's even distributing, and it's not easy to be powdered. There is the automatic pressing device in the molecular sieve, which ensures the adsorbing and the pressing, and the sieve's service life can be postponed effectively.
g.The purity of nitrogen gas can be regulated freely between 95% ~ 99.9% as to the user's need, and with the unique purifying technology and the nitrogen gas's purifier, the purity can be as high as 99.9995%. And the capacity can be 1~3000Nm3/h.
h.Unique switching process is used, the valves' wearing is less, the air consumption is less, so the service life of the machine is postponed, and the maintaining cost is lowered.

Nitrogen gas purity:
99.9% (No oxygen)
Nitrogen gas' pressure
Power for the whole machine
300W(The air compressor is not included)

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