Hot Sale Automatic Liquid/oil Filling Machine Line



A liquid filling machine is a major machine in the production line for liquid. it is mainly used in the filling, capping placing and sealing of all kinds of bottles.

Tracking filling caps automatically conveying by an electromagnetic oscillator, automatic sealing (no bottle no filling).

Filling and sealing integrated into one machine, advanced design,compact structure and completely complies with the requirement of GMP.

A full liquid production line is comprised of all these components:

  1. SNXLP Drum-Type Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine
  2. SNGMH-400S Tunnel-Type Drying Machine
  3. SN-600 Bottle-Feeding Machined. SNKGF Liquid Filling and Capping Machine
  4. SNDJ Online Lamp Inspecting Machine
  5. SNTB-130 Automatic Adhesive-sticker Labeling Machine