Nf-100afully Automatic Tube Filling&sealing Machine



NF-100A Fully automatic Tube filling&sealing machine


Applicable to :plastic composite tubes and aluminum plastic composite tubes. It use in fill cream and other product.

Multi-color filling

Special tube filling

Special-shaped sealing

2. Technical parameters:

Operation speed:80\min(max)

Filling volume:5-350ml

Filling precision:?±0.5%

Suitable tube length:50-240mm

Suitable tube diameter:10-60mm

Standard configuration:obiquely hanging type automatic lining-up tube feeding storehouse

3. Optional device:

Optional:externally allocated refrigerator

Optional:blowing and sucking type tube cleaning device

Optional:jacket and barrel heat preservation device

Optional:blending device inside the barrel

optional:large-scale tube feeding device (externally allocated floor type synchronchronous tube feeding machine)

Optional:special-shaped sealing device (wave type sealing device,arc sealing device and sealing device and T-shaped punching

hole sealing device etc.)

Optional:multi-color filling system

Optional:nitriding device before and after filling

Optional:automatically controlled material feeding device(pump)

Optional:finish tube conveyor