Round Bottle Automatic Labeling Machine

Round Bottle Automatic Labeling Machine

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       Features :

  1. The machine adopts step motor for driving, high accuracy (Servo Motor is also an option)
  2. PLC control with Touch screen for This controlling system is Taiwan Delta Brand.
  1. The sensors of the machine are Japan imported brand, Keyence, High speed and accurate
  2. The machine comes with automatic alarming system  that triggers when lack of label, breaking label, lack of or bottles are detected or not detected.
  3. Whole body stainless of the machine is steel 304 with T6 Aluminum Alloy meets GMP.

Technical Parameters:

  • Driver Motor: Stepping motor Operation: Right or left.
  • Running speed: 10-200 bottles/min.
  • Packaging Range: Ф 15 - Ф diameter 100mm Height 25-350mm Label.
  • size width 10-150mm length 15-200mm.
  • Maximum diameter of label: Ф 300mm Coil diameter: Ф 75mm label Weight: 200kg.
  • Power supply: AC220V 0.5Kw 60HZ Overall Size: 2000X1300X1500.
  • *Ribbon Coding machine: HP 260Q.


  1. SED-200YTB model vertical type round bottle Round Bottle Labeling machine, in order to achieve rationalization of production target and design.
  2. The machine comes with automatic labeling process, simple operation, high speed running, accurate labeling position, beautiful labeling.
  3. The machine can be used for pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff Industry labeling.
  4. Put the bottles into the conveyor system (or Auto Bottle Ordering Machine is optional), the conveyor will transport the bottles to labeling station.
  5. There is automatic sensor equipped on the machine will sense the passed bottle and feedback to PLC.
  6. The PLC gets the signal, then feedback to Step Motor, the step motor supplies the Label to Rotation Pressing Roller which makes the labeling process.