Semi-Automatic Capsule Tablet Counting Machine. Single head

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The equipment is patent capsule intelligent high precision automatic capsule counting machine, model counting device can automatically achieve any number (odd, even, a precise number of tablets) bottle filling work.

 The structure of small size low noise and smooth operation, small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies, health care products factory, hospital preparation room, the ideal number of grain automatic bottling equipment.

  1. Vertical orbit compensation count (patented technology), the number of grains accuracy can reach 99.9%, to avoid the traditional vibration or rotation of a large number of errors in the precision of the error.
  2. Vertical orbit compensation count (patented technology), to achieve the number of bottling capsules quickly set all the figures in the same type of capsule, not need to replace the mold is very fast and convenient.
  3. Host uses frequency conversion speed regulation can be soft start speed regulation sensitive, reliable and stable, and can bear large start-up torque.
  4. The bottle conveyor is a conveyor belt type, for customers late connection reserved interface can be quickly connected to the auxiliary equipment (bottle machine, capping machine, etc.)
  5. Control the use of touch screen man-machine interface PLC programmable controller technology can quickly set various parameters.
  6. Light control technology automatic detection of no bottle or bottle will automatically alarm, reduce the capsule waste to the lowest.
  7. All the Mould using cylindrical pin positioning design to replace the mold can only take 5 minutes to install in place convenient and quick.
  8. The contact parts of the drug use 304 stainless steel, in accordance with the GMP standard.


Technical Specifications.

 Mould Changing:         Time 5 mins

Working Capacity:       20,000-40,000 capsules/hour

Counting Accuracy:     100%

Suitable Capsule Size:   000#,00L#,00#,0L#,0#,1#,2#,3#,4#,5#

Max. Bottle Diameter:  130mm

Power Supply:              220V 50HZ 1.2kw

Compressed Air:           0.03 m³/min 0.7Mpa

Overall Dimension:       1200*500*1400mm

Machine Weight:            90kg