Uklx 120a Suppository Automatic Line



UKLX 120A Suppository Automatic Line

Main Applications:

This line is suitable for automatic packaging of suppository in pharmaceutical industry. This line is composed of model UG3A suppository filling machine, model UL5A suppository freezing machine, model UF13A suppository filling and cutting machine, which can automatically complete the function of quantitative filling, freezing solidification, sealing, counting splitting page and cutting.


It adopts frequency converter to adjust the speed, which is very convenient and highly efficient. The machine can work jointly with other machines, but also can operate with the single machine. Freezing solidification without needing to turn the belt. The suppository belt moves continuously, so as to connect the whole machine. Sealing and cutting machine can print the lot number and drug name on its sealing and cutting zone. The number of cutting can be set freely (within 10 grains). Sealing positions are firm with good sealing.

Technical parameters:

Filling range: 0.8-3.5ml

Filling number: 3

Metering error: ?±0.5%

The distance between suppository belt: 17.4mm;

belt height: 44-53mm

The lowest freezing temperature: 10?

The number of heat sealing each time: 13

Capacity: 6000-12000granules/hour

Electric capacity: 10.33Kw/380V/50Hz

Overall Dimension: 4100×1200×1800 (L×W×H)

Net Weight: 2000Kg