Wz-180 Auto-giving Material Style Producing the Traditional Chinese Medicine Pill Machine




It can be used widely to produce the traditional Chinese medicine pills, for example, honey pill, water- honey pill , concintration pill and most of the water pill .

Working principle

Drug material mixed equally is thrown into material drainage to pass pressing drug turnover plate of entering drug cavity, and the machine will thrust out many identical diameter drug sticks by squeezing of the helix of propelle. Under the control of self-control lidler pulley, the drug sticks enter into making pill knife in-phase, big and small equal water(concintration) pills will be twisted continuously.

Technical characteristic

1,adopting PLC controland man-machine interface touch-screen control,and then can be realized the fully automated production.

2, high roundness pills designed to reduce plastic pill time.

3, the uniformity of pillscan be up to 98% in one-time and to reducein the screen capsules time.

4,the push switch device functionality, installation, dismantling and cleaning.

5, the part of the pusher used Modular design.The total disintegration can be disintegrated by analysis.And then it can be easy to facilitate the melting foam and the thorough cleaning.

6, the whole machine used machine machining, assembly accuracy and selection criteria, it can continuou working for a long time, stable and reliable, low failure rate.

7, pill cutter tool and the compression spring with a special deal. Durableand reliable.

8, pusher, cut pills, drug delivery used frequency control, high reliability.

9, alcoholic lubrication systems with a large-diameter fluid device, and the level shows a good seal, preventing leakage of flame retardants,the liquid droplets can be fine-tuning.

10?The machine is made of stainless steel and no dead corner and blind area in the process of mixing according to GMP.

11?regulating angle of the head of pan is simple and convenient.

12?allocated the activities of rocker,productive capacity:40-50kg per pan.

Technical parameter

1?productive capacity?120—180kg/h

2?qualification of making pill??4—?23mm(It can make make 3g?6g?9g,too)

3?voltage of power source ? 380V AC three-phase four-wire system

4?overall dimensions?1830×810×1700mm?length×width×height?

5?weight of the whole machine :180kg

6?total power:6.5kw

7?consuming volume of cooling water?200kg/h?water can be retrieved?